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Posted By admin on March 19, 2009

By []Victor Epand

When you think of the coolest instrument, it is very unlikely you are going to put accordions anywhere near the top of the list. In fact, they are often seen as the least cool of all instruments, and it is no surprise that alpha-nerd, Steve Urkel on Family Matters, was an accordion player.

However, this is unjust generalization on the part of those who do not understand the accordion, when in fact it is an excellent instrument to not only learn, but to play. As well, thanks to the popularity of Weird Al Yankovic, the accordion has proven to be a popular instrument among some kids.

As a result, you may find you have to buy an accordion for an aspiring musician, and this can cause problems when you are on a fixed budget. Therefore, you need to then decide, do you want to spend a lot of money on a new accordion that your child may bore of, or do you simply want to ignore the request and choose not to nurture your child’s musical gift?

Well, thanks to used accordions, you do not have to worry about either of them. Used accordions are much cheaper than new accordions, by hundreds of dollars, and for a family on a fixed budget, that is very, very important. However, the question then comes up of where to get used accordions.

There is no accordion store in most cities, and you are most likely going to have to look either online or at a pawn shop for a used accordion. The best option is the pawn shop, and there will be at least one pawn shop in your city that has an accordion in it. It may have been there for years, but that only means it will cost you very little to buy it.

When you buy an accordion from a pawn shop, or online, you are not paying much for it, and as a result, there is less pressure on your child to like it. If they don’t like it, then you are not out that much money and you can even sell the accordion for a profit for yourself. If they do like it, then you can think about upgrading the accordion later on in life when they still show an interest. The last thing you want is a $500 musical paper weight when your child bores of their new accordion.

Accordions are not considered the most popular of musical instruments, but there are children out there who enjoy using them. So, you are going to need to find the accordion for your child, but you should make it a used one. It will cost you less and when it costs less, you will not have to worry or put pressure on your child to be successful at it to warrant the price.

When you have a new child starting out in their musical career, you should never buy a new instrument, because used instruments, like a used accordion, is the best option available.

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