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Posted By admin on February 22, 2009

Learning how to play accordion is a lost art that has fallen out of vogue in the past 20 or so odd years. Today however the art of playing the accordion is experiencing somewhat of a revival with more people than ever wanting to learn how to play this fun instrument. Everyone loves to watch an accordion player, especially a good one. It is hard not to look animated while playing the accordion so it lends itself to parties, weddings, festivals, generally just anywhere people are having a good time.

The problem however if you want to learn how to play accordion is that because it is only recently experiencing a surge in popularity there are not a lot of resources out there to teach the beginner. Sure you could hire a private accordion tutor, however this will cost you upwards of $25 per half hour and when considering how long it takes to learn how to play the accordion this can add up to be a very expensive proposition.

Enzo Giribaldi has created an electronic course designed to teach people how to play the accordion from the ground up. The course is a fully integrated multimedia experience available for download, or for purchase on a computer readable CD. This accordion teaching powerhouse of a book has embedded multimedia features including pop-up videos to demonstrate specific techniques and learning strategies that can be found in the text.

Additionally the text includes note charts and sheet music to help you practice on your own time. One nice advantage that a learn at your own pace course has over paying and instructor is the fact that not only is it cheaper, but it lasts virtually forever. Instructors are expensive, and purchasing an e-book is not. Furthermore once you’re done paying your instructor the lessons are over; however with an e-book you can keep it forever as a reference to help you with your continued education.

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